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Glam & Sleaze rock connoisseur, Horror & True Crime enthusiast and full-time Goth weirdo.

Words, interviews, content and more for Belfast Metalheads Reunited, MetalPlanet, Popcorn Horror, Down The Front, Ouroboros PR & Jace Media with experience working events such as Download Festival, Bloodstock, HRH AOR, HRH Sleaze, HorrorCon & For The Love Of Horror.

Social Media & Marketing Consultant with experience at Teamrock, O2 Academy and O2 ABC Glasgow, Killstar & Triple G Music.

Artist Liason, Stage Management and Tour Management with experience at Call Of The Wild Festival, Rockmantic Festival and KURO music.

Currently Head of PR, Show Rep & Marketing with Triple G Music.

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@girlatthe gig / – Shiraz Lane live concert Fri 3rd April

In today's current climate, live reviews have all but halted as more and more cancellations and postponements roll in from tours, gigs and festivals around the world. It’s fair to say the live music scene is very much waiting on bated breath as to what happens next. Enter Semi Live. An innovative streaming service, although currently native to Finland, which allows bands to reach fans in the comfort of their own home and somewhat recreate the live experience. Fans can purchase a ticket online...

Winter storm Launch party | Jace Media

The moment you enter Troon, you can tell there’s something just a little bit different going on today. As a swarm of black band shift emblazoned invades Troon’s usually Sunday golfers and beach walkers. Entering an unassuming building, Black King Cobra have already taken to the stage, providing a nice even keel to their sound with just a touch of Tom Morello in their guitar solos. It’s fair to say the Sunday golfers don’t know what’s hit them. The Cobras continue with Wrack And Ruin – a hit in...

Down The Front Media - VECORDIOUS - Anthropogenic Deterioration

Like your metal like you like your coffee? Black and Extreme? Then we’ve got just the band for you. Vecordious with their newest release ‘Anthropogenic Deterioration’ bring an ear bleeding amount of extreme black metal all the way from (arguably) its homeland – Norway. The band consist of Roger Isaksen on guitar and vocals, Kjell A. Nilsen on guitar, Jon E. Hektoen on bass and Ole M. Nordsve on drums.

Down The Front Media - Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies

Pretty Boy Floyd are back and reunited with their fifth studio album, Public Enemies. Featuring Kristy Majors on guitars, bass, background vocals and production duties, Steve Summers on vocals, Chad Stewart on drums & back ground vocals and Keri Kelli on background vocals. It’s clear to all those that listen that they’ve never left the heyday of the Sunset Strip. ‘Opening track S.A.T.A.’ might at first make you think the band have taken a darker turn with the pounding drums and chanting....

Down The Front Media - Mr Big / The Answer / Faster Pussycat 22.11.17

On a wet Wednesday night in Glasgow, the Winter touring extravaganza continues with the exceptional line up of Mr. Big, The Answer and Faster Pussycat, all in one billing, rolling into town. Faster Pussycat are first to hit the stage, surprisingly fairly on time given their previous notoriety! Unfortunately, this is to somewhat to an empty room due to a 6pm door time on a weeknight and there’s also a competing Deep Purple gig taking place at the Hydro to contend with.

ALBUM REVIEW: LA Guns back with a bang on The Missing Peace | Jace Media

People said it would never happen, that we’d never see new L.A. Guns material with Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis reunited under the same L.A. Guns banner. But it has and finally, ‘The Missing Peace’ is here! Long awaited after their on-stage reunion and tour, fans have been patiently waiting to see what new Guns awaits them and most importantly, will it be as good as it always was? Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it is...

Down The Front Media - Interview with THE NEW ROSES

INTERVIEW WITH...... The New Roses Having recently released their new album, and ahead of their ‘One More For The Road’ tour in support of this, DTF caught up with The New Roses for a quick chat. ON LISTENING TO YOU GUYS, I THINK YOU CAN DISTINCTLY HEAR THE INFLUENCE OF BANDS LIKE THE QUIREBOYS AND BON JOVI – WHO WOULD YOU SAY YOUR INFLUENCES ARE?  Everybody in the band has own different influences. This could go from Bob Dylan to Slayer. But we all agree on bands like Aerosmith...

Down The Front Media - Interview with JANET GARDNER

Following the release of her self-titled debut album, and the release of her new video ‘Rat Hole’, DTF caught up with Janet Gardner to chat about the new album and much more. HOW DO YOU FEEL THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN ROCK HAS CHANGED OR EVOLVED OVER THE YEARS? OR DO YOU THINK IT HAS? I do think it's changed a lot. I think women are much more accepted in the hard rock/metal arena. JANET, WHAT WAS IT LIKE GOING FROM SMALL TOWN AMERICAN MORMON FAMILY TO THE BRIGHT LIGHTS OF LA TO BECOME A....

Down The Front Media - Numb - Numb

Numb release their self-titled album on Sept 1st with Attic Records. With fierce, hard-driving risks, we take a track by track look at the new release. The first track, Common Love, hit into its full-throttle pace taking absolutely no prisoners. Seriously, if you’re listening to this whilst driving – watch your speedometer! This band does exactly what it says on the tin. With vocals reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, head-thrashing beats and sexy solos – it’s a winning combination...

Down The Front Media - Stormbreaker - Battle Of The Bands

Stormbreakers – taking place at the Dreadnought on Fri 18th August, the premise is simple. Four bands, half an hour each to fight for a main stage spot at this year’s Winter Storm festival in Troon? Who decides? The panel of judges, which includes Wildfire man-in-chief Dave Ritchie. AudioRayz start the proceedings taking no prisoners. They don't take things slowly. 30 minutes to do battle and they dived in head first. With the first guitar solo in Modern Prophet strong enough to make your eyes...

Down The Front Media - WARD XVI - The Art Of Manipulation

The Art of Manipulation is Ward XVI’s inaugural album, which is actually a 12-track concept album detailing the story of a female psychopath locked away in a high-security asylum. Interesting, right? The album begins with the noise of tape rolling and what sounds like an extremely sinister psychologist, something Kubrick could have dreamed up himself. Imagine if, when Alex DeLarge (from Clockwork Orange) returned to the world defenceless after treatment, he decided to retrain as a therapist...

Down The Front Media - Dopesick - The Love And Terror Cult

Dopesick are a punk/rock/metal outfit from Hollywood, California, although you might recognize some of the members from previous band Skinlab or from Adam Albright touring with Sebastian Bach’s solo outfit. Putting the troubles of the past behind them, Albright and Dopesick have returned to the scene with new album The Love and Terror Cult. The album kicks off like a Rob Zombie horror movie with track August 1969 with broadcasters citing the gory details of the Sharon Tate murders carried out...

Down The Front Media - Mason Hill / Deever / Anchor Lane 05.08.17

On any given Saturday night, you can expect Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow to be busy and bustling as usual. However, on my walk down to The Garage, from a distance I instantly spotted a noticeable flurry of people outside of the venue, especially for half past six at night. This was because the Mason Hill boys were in town. Not only did the guys sell out G2 but consequently had their show moved up to the main room – no easy feat for a local band and it seemed like the whole town had turned out...
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