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Marilyn Manson - Cry Litte Sister

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As you might have heard, Marilyn Manson’s latest release is a cover of Cry Little Sister known most famously for its vampiric connections to the Lost Boys. But what do you guys rate of it? It’s a great cover for sure and sticks fairly close to the original recipe – including the backing vocals. Aside from a few more synths and some signature raspy vocals from Manson, it has to be said it’s not drastically different from the original Gerard McMahon version a la Tainted Love, Sweet Dreams... or You’re so Vain featuring Depp on guitars. Although, that said his recent cover of Stigmata appeared on the Atomic Blonde soundtrack and served to remind of us the chameleon he really is when it comes to covers.

The original studio version of the track, although not peaking in the U.S. chart did in itself receive some success as part of the Lost Boys soundtrack, managing to come in as no.15 of 200 on the Billboard charts.

Originally, the song was said by McMahon to be about, “…the longing for family from a rejected youth’s perspective.” This was something McMahon experienced personally himself according to his interview with the previous bog site Old School.

Although, that said with Manon’s signature whispery breakdown in the middle of the track, it provides and eerie feel and dare we see showcases and highlights an element to the lyrics that we haven’t quite heard before in the original about brotherly and sisterly love.

Having performed this live in recent sets, it is believed that the recording was laid down to be used in upcoming X-Men film – The New Mutants. It’ll be interesting to see how it fits in with this given its iconic status and synonymity with the Lost Boys franchise. However, that said directors have said this will be no ordinary X-Men film, going for something altogether darker. And frankly, if you want darkness, you’ve got it as Marilyn Manson is your man.

With this initial toe-in-the-water to the Lost Boys soundtrack, would it be good to hear him cover anymore? Surely a Manson-esque version of I Still Believe is something that we all need to hear in our lifetime, right?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it- just goth it up a bit.

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